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2012 Dodge Durango | Ponoka, AB

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Hi, I’m Eric at Legacy Ford in Ponoka. Today we are looking at a 2012 Dodge Durango. This is a fresh trade in with 39,000 kilometers. Its got the 3.6 liter V6 engine and it is all-wheel drive. The stock number on this unit is L0633. Let’s have a peek inside!

As you can see on the interior it is cloth interior, nice touchscreen in the center stack there and all the steering wheel controls for your bluetooth, volume. We have dual climate control in this as well. Up top as you can see it’s got a sunroof really nice for those warm summer days.

Have a look in the backseat. Lots of room for passengers, fit three across the first row and in the second role you have another two seats back there so you can have lots of passengers with you. On the roof you have your temperature control for your rear passengers and flow through vents on the back of the center console there you can have the air blowing out here to your feet.Your choice.

Let’s open up the trunk here. You can see the third row seating is up right now. Very easy to get that down. Just pull these handles, push and that gives you flat line trunk space as you can see. There’s tons of room in there if you are ever hauling around anything. To get these seats up again, just grab the strap and pull up. Very easy to get up-and-down easy-to-use pulls it up. On the back it’s got a rearview camera here and we got the reverse sensing on this unit as well really nice sharp looking piece. It has some nice looking Michelin tires on it,18 inch tires.


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If you’d like to come in and take this vehicle for a test drive come see me, Tyler or Trevor here at Legacy Ford Let Your Legacy Start Here! Thanks!



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