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2014 Ford Explorer | Limited Trim | Ponoka, AB

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Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford in Ponoka, As you can see it is a cold one out here today, we have our mitts on. Looking at this 2014 Ford Explorer Limited. This one’s got the 3.5 liter v6 engine it, 79,000 kilometers. Stock number is T1948A.

This vehicle was a local trade in, great vehicle for the wintertime. We have great train management system in these units you got snow and snow mode, snow and ice, sand, rock mud. These things will go through a ton of stuff.

We do have intelligent access on this unit which means put my hand, keys in my pocket and all doors are going to unlock for you. Have a look inside; it is leather interior nice features this one does have the park assist, heated seats, cooled seats, heated steering wheel, really nice features. As you can see it, kind of a cool little thing is the lights on in the cup holders, and they’ll be on now, and you can set those colours to what you like.


View More Photos - Dark Blue - BorderFinance This Vehicle - Dark Blue - Bored

Backseat, tons of room for passengers, we do have an 110-volt outlet and rear air control in the back there. Third-row seating passengers there if you’re towing around a lot of people. We have reverse camera, reverse sensing; we have automatic lift tailgate as well. As you can see nice thing about the Limited is it does have the automatic stowable seats or you can just fold them over if you like but if I press the stow button there those seats fold down nice and easy to give you a flatline trunk area for hauling around any equipment you need to.

We do full Carproof on all of our units as you can see there’s been no damage records and not declared stolen or anything like that, and on the backside here we do have our AMVIC inspection form. As you can see everything checks out nice and on the backside here, everything’s in the green there, so it’s a great unit. Winter, summer haul around people or not these things are a smooth ride. So come on in and see us here at Legacy Ford in Ponoka.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Ponoka



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