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2015 Ford F-150 Super Crew | Under 30,000 KM | Ponoka, AB

Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka. Here today to show you this recently traded-in 2015 F-150 Super Crew. The stock number on this unit is L0680. This truck only has 26,628 kilometers on it so very low KM, beautiful looking truck, let’s show you a little bit more about it.

It does have the 5L V8 engine so great truck for towing or driving around. You’re going to get decent mileage, great mileage out of it anyway as far as the truck is concerned. As well, it’s got the XTR package so you get the 18-inch chrome wheels along with the chrome door handles, chrome front and rear bumper and chrome running boards. Something on the side of the vehicle here is Ford’s keyless entry, okay. Punch in your code, get in your vehicle. It’s a really nice product that they are piece of equipment that they offer here. Makes it easy to get in and out if you want to leave your keys inside and you just have to grab something on your trunk.

If we have a look inside, as you can see, it is cloth interior being an XLT, in great shape. We do have the 10-way Power driver and passenger seat with adjustable lumbar. We do have the 8-inch touchscreen. Really nice media system there able to pair your phone up, you know, iPad, whatever you have, if you want to listen to your music, if you need to make hands-free calls. All those controls are on your steering wheel as well so you have those capabilities. Also, you are going to have heated seats and you know what is really nice as well is that, it does have consoles so you have tons of storage for anything you need to help carry around.

We have a look in the back here, Ford’s very known for their big back seats here. Lots of room for kids or passengers if you are a taller guy like myself, I have tons of room back here, feels like I’m in another world. You do have the 110-volt outlet on the back there and 12-volt which is nice because you know, everybody these days has something to charge and it gives you that capability to charge that phone or computer or iPad or iPod or whatever you are using.

On the side of the vehicle we can see it does have this soft tunnel cover here, very nice to have. I’m a golfer so, in the summer if it’s raining, I have my tonneau cover on and my clubs don’t get wet if they’re sitting in the back of my truck which I usually leave them in as well if you are getting groceries or something like that, never know in this climate when it is going to rain. Have a look in the back here, it is spray-in lined here so you got that protection for your bed of your truck. It’s not going to, you know, chip the paint or anything like that and as well something really nice that Ford offers is the LED box lights.

As well, we do have the tailgate step, very easy to get in and out incorporated right in the tailgate so that handle is no longer on top, it’s right inside. Very easy to get in and out of the tailgate or getting out of the bed of the truck and let’s put that away quick. Easy to get in and out. Now, we do have the reverse sensing, of course to make sure when you’re backing up, it’s going to let you know at least if you’re going to hit something, so, hopefully you don’t continue moving forward and hit that object but, at least you have the warning. Another thing Ford is 7- and 4-pin wiring.

Now, we do pull a CarProof and of course, AMVIC inspect all our vehicles here at Legacy Ford and as you can see, CarProof, no damage records or anything like that, it’s squeaky clean and AMVIC inspection, they go over all the equipment, all the vehicles, make sure it’s running spick and span for you so when you are driving out of here, that you won’t have any problems.

If you’re interested, come on in to Legacy Ford in Ponoka. Come see Trevor, Justine or Chris, phone number here is 403-783-5501. If you are in the Rimbey area, you can pop on see myself Eric, or Doug. Phone number there is 403-843-2622 and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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