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2016 Ford F-150 Lariat | Ponoka, AB

Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka also representing Legacy Ford Rimbey here today to show you our brand new 2016 Ford F-150 Lariat. Stock# on this unit is T1805. Now it blows me away this truck hasn’t sold yet because this is one we’ve done a little bit of work to, we’ve made it look real nice.

You got the aftermarket rims a little more aggressive tire on it and we got a leveling kit in this unit as well. We got the aftermarket step back, mud flaps like she’s a beauty. So it’s about $6000 in add-ons put into this thing so if you’re a guy or girl that likes to you know do up their trucks to make them look real nice this is a perfect truck for you. This one does have the five liter V8 engine so lots of power okay. It is a Lariat so being a Lariat we have standard intelligent access okay with the push button start. So as long as my keys are in my hand or on my pocket doors gonna open up for us. Have a look inside leather interior of course, Lariat then we power driver/passenger seat with memory. This vehicle has navigation, heated cool seats, we got the nice big moon roof up here as well it’s closed right now of course.

Let’s start it up and moving back to show you how much room just start so you can see press it once it goes back. I press it one more time and it will go all the way back you can see how much light that moonroof actually brings into the cab It is crazy

Now the back seat, tons of room in the cab of course ok and as you can see that moon roof just looks awesome from the back seat as well just so much light coming in makes it look so much bigger. The back of the vehicle something really cool about these Lariats is the power of these tailgate, hit that button twice on the faub and the tailgate releases nice and easy slowly down. This one does have the tailgate step as well so it’s integrated inside of the tailgate. Just press that button, pull it out, easy as one, two, three step up nice and easy into the bed of the truck. And you can put it away just as easy.

So of course it being a Lariat we do have the reverse camera and reverse sensing. all set up for towing. Like I said this truck has about $6000 in add-ons including the leveling kit, step back mud flaps, the aftermarket tires, the aftermarket rims. So she is a beautiful truck now that being said with all the add-ons sticker price in this unit would be $70,900. Okay? We’re going to sell it to you for $54,500 that’s over $16,500 dollars in savings The rates from Ford are awesome right now on the 2016s as well 2.99% up to 72 months and 3.99% for 84.

So if you’re interested in getting a payment or getting price come on in see us here see Trevor, Tyler, Wareen in Ponoka (403)783-5501 and if you’re in the Rimbey area comes to myself Eric or Doug (403)843-2622. Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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Legacy Ford Ponoka



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