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2017 Ford Escape Titanium | Parallel Park Feature | Ponoka, AB

Hey guys, Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka, also representing Legacy Ford in Rimbey. You know, we do a lot of walk-arounds on vehicles and talk about technology and stuff, so today, I thought we’d jump in one and show you how some of the technology works. We’re in this Escape today and this feature is available on more than Escapes and what we’re going to look at is the Parallel Park Assist.

Okay, stock number of this particular unit is T2053, so if you think this is something that would interest you this vehicle does have it so, come on in and ask some questions but, let’s show you how this works. So, the idea of this is, the vehicle is going to do all the work for you when you are parallel parking, okay. So, if we pull up here, there’s a little button right down here with the parking steering wheel and if you hit that here, you’re going to see on the screen, it says Parallel Park. Okay, it’s going to search for a somewhere to go, in this we can see beside us here, it’s going to say Spot Found and tell you to drive forward, okay, and stop the vehicle. Now, put the shift into reverse and it’s going to tell us to back up by itself and as you can see me, my hands are off the steering wheel. All I’m controlling is the gas and the brake. Okay, so that’s nice and slowly, easing in here, you can pan around and see the vehicle getting parked, okay. Parks itself nice and easy there, I can stop and back to normal right there, tells me I’m finished. As you can see, perfect Parallel Park, open your door out there beside the curb there and it does a great job.

So, if you are interested in this feature and want to try it yourself, come on in to Legacy Ford in Ponoka. Phone number here is 403-783-5501. You can talk to Trevor or Chris and if you are in the Rimbey area, come on see myself, Eric or Doug. Phone number there is 403-843-2622 and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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