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2017 Ford Escape | Titanium Trim | Ponoka, AB

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Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka, also representing Legacy Ford in Rimbey. On the Ponoka lot, today to show you this brand new 2017 Ford Escape Titanium. This Titanium is intelligent 4-wheel drive and has a 2 liter EcoBoost motor. Lots of power, lots of jump to it. They’re fun little car, and you know what, they handle on real. If you haven’t driven one, you gotta come in and see it. T1857 is the stock number on this unit. Now, another nice thing about these Escapes is they are 0% up to 72 months right now. That’s a ton of savings. Also, if you prefer to lease your vehicles, we got 0% happening on that as well. So, come on in. Come see your options. If you like the Escape, come on in, take it out for a drive.

Let’s show you a little bit. We have tons of safety features in this unit. Like I said, Titanium is top of the line for these Escapes. We have the blind spot monitoring system. So, someone’s coming close to you coming to pass you, that light on the rear-view mirror is gonna flash amber for you to indicate that there is somebody there. Now, on the inside, like I said, we have a top of the line unit. Leather interior, we got the nice 8-inch touchscreen, of course, we got the Panoramic roof. We have heated seats, heated steering wheels; the SYNC connect so with the Bluetooth for your phone or media, which is a very nice feature to have. Also, in this unit, it does have the Lane Departure and Lane Assist warning in it. See, you put that on. Also, it does have the Park Assist as well. So, if you’ve never tried any of those features out, come on in and test drive one of these things. Cos, you know what those things keep you very safe on the road and also parking your vehicle. It’s a pretty wild feeling to have the car do all the work for you. Now, the back seat, we do have nice, nice room in the back seat as well for the passengers and a 10-volt outlet, flow-through vents. Nice slower ride for them as well.

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On the back side of the vehicle here to go along with the other safety features, we do have the rear view camera with the reverse sensing. Okay. So, make sure you are not running into any pillars or objects or cars or anything. We do look like this one have the tow package as well. So, with that 2-liter motor, you can tow a small trailer or you know, a little Sea-Doo, something like that. So you do have that capability. Now, really cool thing about these Escapes as well is the Power liftgate is by the fob. If I touch underneath here or this one is equipped with a kick gate. So, as long as the keys are on me and I just wave my foot underneath, that opens up for me. As you can see inside, we have lots of cargo room. We have rubber floor mats to go in this unit. We have the nice total cover here so if you have anything valuable you are carrying around; people are gonna be able to not see inside your unit. Again, to close it, you can either kick or use the faub button here. And it closes up nice and easy for us. Like I said, these Escapes are great value for your money. All-wheel drive, tons of awesome features compact into this unit. They’re 0% rate now on financing or leasing.

So, it is a great time to come on in. Go over your options. See what you can do. Take it for a ride, see what works for you. Come see us in Ponoka. Come see Trevor, Tyler or Warren. The phone number is 403-783-5501. If you’re in the Rimbey area, come see myself, Eric or Jennifer. The phone number is 403-843-2622. Let Your Legacy Start Here.



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