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2017 Ford F-150 Limited | Ponoka, AB

Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Rimbey. Also representing Legacy Ford PonokaWe got this brand new 2017 Ford F-150 Limited here to show you today. It is stock number T-2061.

Like I said, this vehicle is brand new, it’s a 2017 model, and it is a limited trim level. So, top of the line as far as trucks go, and we’ll look at some of the equipment inside in a second here.

On the front end we get that kind of Limited decaling across the top here. Looks really nice. We have our front camera up here, so inside, on that touch screen, you can see in front of you.

This vehicle does have LED headlights, as well, you’re going to have your auto high beams. Around the vehicle, you get this light that lights up, LED light. Really sharp look.

On the side of the truck here, it is Intelligent Access. Of course we have the remote start as well. We peep inside, you’ll see those power running board do come down here. They are some different size.

As you can see you get the special limited seats, so you get the black leather with the brown on the inside here. Very sharp looking. On the console you get that Limited decal, really nice.

Equipment wise, it’s got everything. You have your adaptive Cruise Control, lane keeping. You got your parallel Park Assist.

I don’t think I mentioned this but it is an EcoBoost. You have that new 10-speed transmission as well which has been very popular here to start the year. You have the 8″ touchscreen, heated seats, heated steering wheel, cooled seats.

Tons of room in the cab, you got that dual power mover up there as well. The meanest things, it’s even got massage seats. Like massage seats, so you’re driving, you could be comfortable, your passengers can be comfortable, getting a little massage on the road. Back of the vehicle, we have the all-weather floor mats down there which are really nice to have in this Alberta area. Heated rear seats.

Something new inside the 17s, is they put a couple of USB ports in the back, as well as a 110V outlet. Everybody these days has got a phone or iPad, or some kind of device they need to have charge, so very nice to have that as well.

The back of the vehicle, with LED tail lights, you got the blind spot with the cross traffic alert in this truck, as well. So you can feel nice and safe on the road. Any kind of collision that may be coming towards you it’s going to let you know, so you can avoid that.

We have a reverse camera with the reverse sensing as well. Something cool about these 17s as well, tailgates powered by a fob, by a button. Makes life a heck of a lot easier.

We do have the spray-in bed liner on this one as well, very popular. People always want a spray-in bed liner at the back of their truck.

You have the LED lights on the inside. You can put in on by a button here, if I can find it. There we go. We have those LED lights that come on. Really nice if you’re searching for that tonneau cover on the truck, and you have that light if you’re unloading something off the truck.

Also the tailgate step is integrated inside the tailgate now. Just press this button, comes out nicely. Handle as well. We can hop in and out of that back quick and efficiently. Closing it is just as easy. Just the push of a button, push that one in there. And she’s away.

Like I said, this one is a limited. It’s brand new. There is 0% financing available on these new trucks, so I recommend you take advantage of this as soon as possible. There’s fantastic deals on these vehicles. If you’re a Costco member you get an extra thousand bucks off.

If you have any questions or want to have a look at this truck, or any truck on the lot here, come on in, see myself or Doug. 403-843-2622 is the phone number here in Rimbey. If you’re in the Ponoka area you can pop on in and see Trevor or Chris. Phone number there is 403-783-5501 and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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