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2017 Ford F-350 | Lariat Trim | Ponoka, AB

Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka, also representing Legacy Ford Rimbey. I am in Ponoka today to show you the brand new 2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty. As you can see, they did a whole body style change from the 2016 to 2017.

There are so many features in these new vehicles to point out and different changes. I am just going to point out a few today, but it’s worth a look. Come on in and see us that we go in detail with all the changes. This F-350, of course, has the 6.7-litre power stroke diesel engine. Stock number is T1962, okay? Like I said, it’s a brand new 17 model. Now, these brand new 17’s, this is the Lariat, so we have a push button start. We have intelligent access. So, if the vehicle is parked and the keys are on me, put my hand on the door, and it’s gonna unlock for me. We have a look inside; it is leather interior because it is a Lariat, of course. 10-way power driver seat/passenger seat. We have the nice 8-inch touchscreen in the middle, heated cool seats. We have the lane wiring system. Like I said, these interiors changed so much. Kind of a cool thing. If you did have a 16 or an older model of F-350, you had four cup holders out front; now there is 2. But, the nice thing is you have a little bit of storage, or if you want the four cup holders, you just slide that thing over and then you… it gives you four cup holders up front. Kind of a cool thing, I always like to point out.

Now, in the backseat, lots of room in the interior of these trucks. We have heated rear seats, now, something pretty cool and it’s gonna take me a second to show you, but these seats fold up, and you can see there’s storage there. If I come to the other side and lift this seat up as well, as you can see, we got the storage area. Now, if we want to collapse, we can collapse the storage area to make it flat. So, if I just pull that down, that can collapse, and we lock it in place and you have your flat floor, okay? Nice, a new feature that Ford offers now. If you wanna unlock it, lift it up, and there is just one little tap here, and we have our storage back. Now, the back of the truck. This Lariat, in particular, we have the power on this tailgate. So, on the faub, I can hit that button twice. I tell you, it can release down nice and easy for me. Super awesome feature. As you can see, we got the spray-in bedliner from the factory. We are all setup on the side here. So, fifth wheel towing, okay, you have your wiring there, you have the fifth wheel hitch prep package in this model as well. A nice thing to have. And we have the LED box lights as well. So, if you are hooking up in the dark, gives you plenty of light to see. Also, they make light easier, they change the tailgate step, they integrated it right into the tailgate. If you pull these out which makes it easy and handles in here as well. It makes it very easy to get up into that bed. Again, the storage, it takes a couple of seconds to put away, slides right in.

Now, at the back of the vehicle, you do have a reverse cam and a reverse sensing, of course, everything is setup for towing as well. The hitch 74 pin wiring. These trucks were meant to work; you need to come in and drive one. Bottom line, if you need a diesel, test drive one of these guys, you will not be disappointed.

Come on down to Ponoka, see Trevor or Tyler, phone number here is 403-783-5501. If you are in the Rimbey area, come see myself, Eric. You can reach me at 403-843-2622 and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Ponoka



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