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2017 Ford F-350 XLT Dually | Ponoka, AB

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Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford in Ponoka. This beauty just landed 2017 Ford F-350 Dually. We got our first one a few weeks back, and it sold before he could even get the camera out. So these things go quick. Brand new truck, 2017, new body style they made tons of changes to these trucks. As you can see up top here we do have Chrome cap mirrors, and trailer tow mirrors which are standard.

If we come to the side here is an XLT, so we have cloth interior but we also some really great equipment which has changed from past trucks. We have the 8-way power driver seat, cloth interior, heated seats on the cloth seats for the F-350. We have the navigation; we have a nice big 8″ touchscreen. The upfitter switch has actually changed to the top of the vehicle. Which is nice as it saves some space in the console area.

As you can see tons of room in the back seat. Something Ford did I think it’s really nice is they made this; you’re able to have the storage compartment up and have stuff underneath or easily we can push the handle down, and that makes a flat floor for us. So that’s something really nice I think Ford did. On the back centre console there we do have an 110-volt outlet as well.


View More Photos - Dark Blue - BorderFinance This Vehicle - Dark Blue - Bored

Another cool thing is they do have the extended running board so as you can see the running boards don’t just stop here they actually continue all the way down. So if you have something in your box, you can step up and get in there. Another new feature for these 2017 Ford F-350s which is an option is you can get the high mount camera on the stop light up there for your fifth-wheel gooseneck towing; so you can line yourself up nice and easy. The back of the truck here does have a reverse camera as well as reverse sensing along the back.  They moved the 7- and 4- pin wiring up top here, instead of underneath. This is nice as it keeps the wires and stuff out of the gravel. Inside the truck back here we do have LED box lighting on the sides along with your plugin for your fifth wheel. This one also has a tailgate step so with the press of a button…they integrated it inside the tailgate now, so it used to have a handle up top, and they actually integrated it all inside. Which is much easier, so you pull that out, 1,2,3…makes for a nice easy access to the bed of the truck.

So if you would like to take a test drive in our Dually here come see us at Legacy Ford Ponoka or Legacy Ford Rimbey. Thanks.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Ponoka



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