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2017 Ford F150 4×4 Super Cab XL | Ponoka, AB

Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka. Also representing Legacy Ford Rimbey. We’re here in Ponoka today to show you this brand new 2017 Ford F-150 4×4 Super Cab. Stock number is T-1979.

Now, this Super Cab, this truck was made to work. This truck will tow, it will haul. Whatever you’re trying to do, great truck for a working man or woman. Black in colour. Fantastic colour. Very nice, really sharp. Looks very good on the road.  We have the block heater down here. Really nice for winter time, you got to have one of those in Alberta, right? Have a look around the side of the vehicle here. We have these awesome heavy-duty mud flaps, on the front and the rear. Got to have mud flaps on a truck, right? We look inside. Like I said, it is a Super Cab. It’s made to work. We have an all vinyl floor in here. That’s going to be awesome for you. Great for muddy boots, so you don’t worry about ruining the carpet on the vehicle. You keep looking in here, there’s tons of room up in the front seat. You got that third front seat, you can have another passenger out there with you.

You have sync, so you can connect your phone and make your phone calls, keep you nice and safe on the road, which is very important. Now like I said, the Super Cab, we got that back seat there and that vinyl does continue all the way to the bottom, all the way to the back, sorry. These seats will flip up as well, and something really cool about this truck is that these Super Cabs– those doors go all the way back, they don’t just stop there. They go all the way back so if you’re loading stuff in the back seat, you can get in and out, easy as pie. I drive one of these trucks myself, and you know what? I can fit in the backseat. it’s a great ride. We have a look here. Easy fuel. You don’t have to worry about losing that gas cap, or ripping it off. Just plug the nozzle in and go. Easy. Now another cool thing about these [inaudible] is the tailgate. The trucks locked, the tailgate locks with it. All you got to do is put a tonneau cover on, and you know, you’re locked up, you’re locked up tight. Now it will also unlock with the fob. This will flip down. This one does have that 6 1/2 foot back. So lots of room to haul whatever you feel like in there. Maybe you got a car you want to put in the truck. Whatever you like, put it in there.

Another nice thing they did is they did do a 7 and 4 pin wiring, and they moved it up top here. It used to be down, they moved it up. Awesome thing that they did. Keeps the rocks, the stuff, all of the wires, keeps it nice and safe up there. Now another thing is that it does have reverse sensing.  So if you are backing up, it’s going to let you know, it’s going to say, beep beep beep, you’re getting close to something, so stop. This truck, MSRP was $47,499 on this truck. Great price to start with. Now, hold your breath because we’re going to sell this truck for $34,900 plus GST and fees. That works out to $109 weekly over 96 months. If you don’t want to go that long a term, there’s 0% up to 72 months. 0% is a great thing to have on a truck. Saves you a ton of money. Already, we’re saving you $12,599 on this vehicle.

So if you’re looking for a truck that’s going to do the job right for you, come on in to Legacy Ford and come check it out. Phone number 403-783-5501 in Ponoka here. You can come see Trevor, or Warren, or Chris. If you’re in the Rimbey area, come see myself, Eric, or Doug. You can call us there 403-843-2622 and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Ponoka



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