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Shoot To Win | Purchased New Or Used

August Giveaway is here at Legacy Ford! We are offering Free gifts for anyone that buys a New or Used vehicle.

In order to have the opportunity to win you must buy a new or pre-owned vehicle & take delivery from Legacy Ford Ponoka/Rimbey.

Click to view new inventory

Click to view pre-owned inventory

This must take place from August 12-31st.

At the time of delivery you will have a chance to take shots at a basketball hoop (must shoot at the marked line)

Guidelines For the Giveaway:

  • You get to shoot one basketball – if you miss you get the Tier 4 prize.
  • If you get the first shot – you shoot again
  • If you get the second shot – you shoot another
  • If you miss the second shot you get a Tier 3 prize.
  • If you miss the third shot you get the prize from the 2nd tier.
  • If you make the third shot you get to pick your prize from the 1st tier.


  • Tier 4: Draw a Gift Card
  • Tier 3: Drone, Sony DVD Player, Ozark Trail Outdoor backpack
  • Tier 2: Big Screen TV, X-Box, Draw An Envelope to win between $250-$500 for Parts/Service
  • Tier 1: Ride-On Lawn Mower, ATV 110cc Quad, Dirt Bike

Free gifts and Employee pricing. It’s a win win! Come down to Legacy Ford Ponoka or Legacy Ford Rimbey today where the fun never ends.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Ponoka



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