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Ford Facts | When To Remove Your Winter Tires

Ford Facts | When to Remove Your Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed to protect you out on the roads in winter weather. They are made of a softer compound than all-season tires. For this reason, you want to make sure they are removed before the pavement starts to get warm. If you leave them on, they will deteriorate faster than other kinds of tires.

The long row of numbers and letters on the tire tells you what kind you have. The first letter stands for the type of vehicle. P is for passenger and LT is for light truck. The first set of numbers provides the width measurement of the tire in millimeters. The next set is for the ratio of height to width. The R that follows the second set stands for “Radial.” The last number tells you the diameter in inches.

If you are wondering if your tires are for summer or winter, look for more information following the diameter. First, you will have the load index and speed symbol. The load index tells you how much weight you can carry in your vehicle per tire. The speed symbol tells you how fast you can travel safely on these tires. Right after that information you should see a symbol or letters that tell you if your tire is designed for hazardous weather. An ‘M+S’ is for mud and snow. You should also see a snowflake.


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