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Locating Tire Size | Legacy Ford Ponoka

Jenna from Legacy Ford Ponoka shows us how to locate the size on your vehicle tires.

The easiest way is to look right on your tire and locate the numbers laid out as 265/35/R20.

This layout shows us the:

  • Width in Millimeters – 265
  • Aspect Ratio (Height/Width) – 35
  • Radial Construction and Diameter – R20

You can also open the door of your vehicle, and there will be a sticker showing your vehicle’s information. This method will show you the original tire size at the time of purchase ensuring you know if the right tires are on your vehicle.

With Winter Tire Season quickly approaching we hope your choose Legacy Ford Ponoka for your Winter Tire needs. Come in to Legacy Ford Ponoka and Let Your Legacy Start Here.



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