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Pre-Owned 2012 Ford Edge Limited | Ponoka, AB

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Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka, also representing Legacy Ford Rimbey. Today we are in Ponoka; I’m gonna show you this 2013 Ford Edge Sport. Now, stock number is L0587. Now, being a Sport Trim, that’s top the line for these Edges as we got really nice equipment. Okay, kilometers is 45,000km, so it’s very low km and sorry I’m just gonna look at the price of this unit here. That runs down as well cause I know this unit is priced to sell at $33,911. So, awesome price and you’re gonna see; it is an awesome unit. On the side here, we have remote start, Power liftgate and as you can see, it even comes with these beautiful cover to match the car. If the doors are locked, and I have the keys, in my pocket are on me. Simply put my hand on that door handle, that door unlocks for me.

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Have a look at the interior, in great shape. Leather interior, Power driver seat, Power passenger seat. We have the 8-inch touch screen with Navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, heated seats as well. And on top, as you can see, it’s got the nice Panoramic roof. You look through the inside and let’s just unlock that back door, alright. You gotta hit it twice for the back door. You can see leather; we got the nice all-weather floor mats, flow-through vents for your rear passengers. A lot of room for them as well. Now, on the fob, I can hit that button twice, and its trunk is going to opens automatically first. And I’ll show you how to close automatically as well. We do have quite a bit of room in the back cargo area here, lots of room to haul stuff around. We do have Power folding. Power folding down rear seats here so if I press and hold this button, that seat’s going to fold. Press and hold the left side, that folds down. So we got that nice flat floor, and now if you want to close your trunk, you can either use your fob, or there’s a button on the inside here. Well to show you that, you can press this button and its going to close out for us. Again another nice feature of this Edge is the rear camera with the rear sensing. It’s going to help you out make sure you don’t back into any of those posts or pillars out there or other vehicles for that matter.

CarProof is super clean on it, no damage records found. It’s accident-free, and the inspection checks out really really good as well as the other side here. We’re all in the green. So, like I said, we got nice and okay. It’s a Sport model, top of the line. Come on in and see it. Come and see the guys in Ponoka here, Trevor, Tyler or Warren. The phone number is 403-783-5501. Or if you’re in the Rimbey area, come see myself, Eric or Jennifer. And come take this test drive or take this Edge for a test drive, and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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Legacy Ford Ponoka



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