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Used Vehicle Payments

Come to Legacy Ford Ponoka and browse our used vehicles. Myself and the staff here at Legacy Ford Ponoka want to help you purchase and financing the right vehicle for you.

For example:

If we were to compare a 2013 F-150 that costs $32,000 with a 84 month term will yield $250 for bi-weekly for someone wants to spend $15,000 for a 2008 truck with monthly payments falling under $500 you will notice the bi-weekly payments are pretty much the same even with the large difference in overall price.

When in the market for used vehicles keep in mind when financing, the year of the vehicle has a big impact your term and payments.

Visit our online inventory today and have a look at our used vehicles, or come on down to the dealership and speak to one of our salespeople!

Ross North

Legacy Ford Ponoka



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