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2008 Ford Taurus | Limited Trim | Ponoka, AB

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Hi i’m Eric from Legacy Ford in Ponoka I’m at Legacy Ford in Ponoka, today we are looking at this beautiful 2008 Ford Taurus Limited. It’s only got 55,000KM on it. It is all wheel drive with 3 ½ litre V6 engine. The stock number on this unit is T17628, this car was a local trader, very lightly used, awesome looking car it’s in great shape.

If you have a look at the front here it’s got a nice chrome grill, and along with the chrome mirror caps as well and chrome door handles. It really makes the car pop. On the side here Ford is famous for their keyless entry pad, you can put in your code if you don’t have your keys and you can get in and out of your vehicle.

Have a look inside, very nice clean tan leather, along with power driver and passenger seats. It does have memory setting as well, as you can see on the dash it has the 6-CD player along with heated seats, you have the nice wood grain panelling along the dash, on the door handles, and on the steering wheel. Up top you can see it’s got a nice sunroof as well, very nice features in this car.

Pop in the back you can see there’s tons of room at the back of these cars, It does have the flow through vents as well in the centre stack and these seats in the back seat there’s a little top here and you can pull those and flip them up as well.  

2008-ford-taurusView More Photos - Dark Blue - BorderFinance This Vehicle - Dark Blue - Bored

So if you’re ever hauling anything in your trunk that gives you tons of room. So we pop the truck, have a peek inside there you can see there are tons of room and again those seats do flip forward so if you are hauling anything longer it will fit in there.

This car does have reverse sensing as well you can see the sensors across the back here it will beep at you and let you know if you are going to run into anything.

And on the side here along the chrome theme of the car you’ve got some very nice chrome rims as well very shiny, 18” tires makes for a very smooth ride.

CarProof for this vehicle, checks out perfect, no damage records, no lean nothing out of the ordinary. Like I said it’s in great shape, we also do AMVIC inspections on our vehicles, and you can see it just checks out wonderful.  Everything is complete, everything is in the green, this car is in great shape. If you would like to take a test drive in this Ford Taurus, come see us at Legacy Ford Ponoka.

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Legacy Ford Ponoka



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