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2015 Ford Fusion | Titanium Trim | Ponoka, AB

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Hi, I am Eric at Legacy Ford in Ponoka.  Today, we are looking at a very nicely equipped 2015 Ford Fusion Titanium Trim level.  It has got the 2 L EcoBoost engine and just over 30,000 kilometers.  Stock number on this unit is C18468.  It is all-wheel drive, which is very nice in a car for wintertime.  This car is going to be very good on fuel for you to driving back and forth.  If you come to the side here, these vehicles are equipped with intelligent access, so keys are in my hands, are in my pocket, and all I have to do is put a hand on the door, and that is going to open up.

When you look inside, it is nicely equipped with black leather interior, 10-way power adjustable seats with memory settings as well.  It has got Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, dual climate control.  Up top you can see, it has got a nice-looking sunroof, very nicely equipped fusion.  The back seat here, quite a bit of room, leather as well.  You have got the flow-through vents in the center along with a 12-volt outlet, and these seats do fold up well if you do have something long you need to put in the truck.  I will just pop the trunk here, button pop and that trunk is going to pop right up.  When you look inside, you can see it is very deep inside there.  The seats are upright now like I said you cannot put them down.  Tons of room for storage.  When you own hockey sticks or anything like that, you can throw in there. 

2015-ford-fusion-titaniumView More Photos - Dark Blue - BorderFinance This Vehicle - Dark Blue - Bored

In the back here, you can see it has got the reverse camera with reverse sensing all the way around the back here, so it is going to let you know if you are going to bump into anything.  This vehicle is also equipped with remote start as well as tailgate trunk release there as well.  It has got 19″ tires, very good shape.

This vehicle has got a clean carproof.  As you can see, no damage, no lien, or anything like that, and as well, we do the antique inspection on all these vehicles, so it is inspected and checked, so very nicely, so you can see everything is in the green.  We do the oil changes and replace any filters that are necessary, so if you are interested in this vehicle, come and see me. 

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Ponoka



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