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2014 Lincoln Navigator | Ponoka, AB

Hey, Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka. Also representing Legacy Ford Rimbey.

Today we’re in Ponoka. I want to show you this freshly traded 2014 Lincoln Navigator. Now, it being a Lincoln, it is a luxury unit, and you’re going to see why when we have a look at it in a second.

Stock no. is L-0661. This unit’s got 47,490 kms on it. It’s got the 5.4L V8 engine. And they’re only asking 49. Fantastic finish for a fantastic unit. Just by a look at the vehicle, you get that nice beige color. Very sharp.

Now you open it up, you can see, we got the power boards, folding down automatically. You got power boards on the other side too. Now, the interior, we got the luxury trim on the side of the doors. Center console on the steering wheel. That nice wood panel in here. It’s got a great feel to it.

Of course, leather interior. This vehicle does have the navigation as well. Heated and cooled seats. Bluetooth commandable. We do have the sun roof as well right up above us here. You have the 4×4 controls right on the dash as well. Obviously, powered driver and passenger seats with memory settings.

Also, a look at the back here. We’ll open the back doors. You can see it’s very clean back here, we got all weather floor mats over the whole vehicle. At the back of the console there we have your 110V outlet. You have your auxiliary power points. Climate control for your rear passengers. We have heated seats back here. Your passengers can ride in comfort wherever you go in this unit.

In the back, there’s tons of room to put stuff in back there. I’ll show you that when we get back out. The seats are folded down right now, and there’s a nice big Weathertech cargo mat. In this Lincoln, as well, we do have the mud flaps down here. Always nice to have, and those are heavy duty too. Let me point out that they are not plastic cheap ones, those are heavy duty mud flaps..

Remote start as well on the unit. Straight from Lincoln, straight from factory. We have the power release tailgate here. So, by a touch of a button– there’s also a button on the fob here, you can press it to open it up.

As you can see, huge amount of room. Huge amount of room in the back of this vehicle. You got the nice Weathertech floor cargo mat here. As you can see on the side there, power foldings, so you can power fold the seats up and down, and what not. I’ll just show you underneath this carpet and the seats.

To get the tailgate closed by the fob, or by a button there. And it’s going to close nice and easy for you. Of course, we have the reverse camera. And the reverse sensing on this unit. The hitch is actually hidden underneath here as well.

This vehicle is accident free. No accidents reported on this unit. Clean CarProof. Hasn’t been stolen, or anything like that either. Of course, ?? select everything, so everything’s complete. This vehicle is ready to roll. Very comfortable. Like I said, luxury unit.

Come on in to Ponoka. See Trevor, Tyler, or Warren. Phone no. here is 403-783-5501. If you’re in the Rimbey area, you can come see myself, Eric, or Doug. Phone no. there is 403-843-2622. And Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Ponoka



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