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2015 Ford Fiesta | Ponoka, AB

This sleek unit, cool man 2015 Ford Fiesta.  A cool little unit, fantastic on gas. Stock number is L0659. We’re in Legacy Ford Ponoka by the way. I represent Legacy Ford Rimbey as well.

We’re in Ponoka. This one just came in on trade. 9,700 kilometres. That’s right, 9,700 kilometres, very low mileage. This one is a Fiesta Titanium. So we have some awesome equipment in this unit. This thing is barely used. It’s like a brand new vehicle. We’ll have a look inside here. We have the leather. You got the Touch Screen. You got the Bluetooth connectivity. We got the Sun Roof, Heated Seats. There’s even a button in there, you can change the little lights that, you know, inside the cup holder like green or blue or purple, I mean, it’s a cool little car.

In the back seat, we have room for three passengers back here. Leather interior, like I said. We actually have Remote Start in this Fiesta as well so you can see straight from the manufacturer, Ford Remote Start. The trunk, we can pop the trunk here and lift her up, okay? This can actually– The heat top is just put down right now. We can hook it into these little clips here and you’ll have a little bit of a shade, okay? I can’t go on one hand. I can do it with two though. And you know what? That hooks up to there and it will be the same on the other side, I’m just going to show you that for now. A little bit of room. The seats do fold down on this one as well. Like I said, these Fiestas are fantastic on fuel. They’re a great value for your money car. We’re asking $15,992 for this car. Now that’s a fantastic deal with all the equipment you get and they’re not the same as you’re going to have on the road, okay? Car Proof, it’s clean. There’s a glass record found for $14 so someone had a side view mirror or a rock chip or something replaced by the glass insurance, okay? That’s the only kind of claim on this vehicle.

Now, obviously, we have like inspect everything and like I said, 9,700 kilometres on it. The car is basically brand new. So come on in here Legacy Ford in Ponoka. Come see Trevor, Tyler or Warren. (403) 783-5501. If you’re in the Rimbey area, come see myself, Eric or Doug, (403) 843-2622. And Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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Legacy Ford Ponoka



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