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2016 Ford Edge | Sport Trim | Ponoka, AB

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Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka also representing Legacy Ford Rimbey. Today we’re in the showroom at Ponoka to show you this 2016 Ford Edge Sport. Now, it being a Sport model it does have the 2.7L EcoBoost engine. Along with intelligent all-wheel drive which is really nice for this time of the year.

It is winter time. Of course, keeps you nice and safe on those roads. Stock number is T1851. Now, like I said, being a Sport trim level it is top of the line in the Edge world. We have really nice equipment. One of those features is the front camera along with front sensing. A really nice safety feature to have. When you’re parking your vehicle it’s going to let you know. It gives you a chime indicator and also let you know how far away you are.

On the interior. It is leather interior Along with 10-way power driver passenger seat. We have Bluetooth connectivity for navigation phone, climate control, media. Heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel. Couple of really cool things this vehicle does have it does have the Park Assist feature. It will help you parallel park. Along with the main monitoring system as well. So that’s really nice safety features to have. This will help you, keeps you safe on that road and not run into anybody. As you can see, on the side of the window here. Like I said, this has the 2.7L Eco, 325 horsepower, so tons of power in this unit.

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Up to 3,500 dollars off of these unit which is huge. Again if you’re a Costco member then it would be 3,500. So it’s a great time to come on in and have a look. They’re clearing these things out. In the back seat we got lots of room for passengers. You have the flow-through vents, 110V outlet. Make you nice and comfortable. If we look up top, it does have the Panaromic roof. Extends all the way to the back seat as well. Keeps it nice and bright and open, in the vehicle. Now on the back seat here these Edges do have a lot of room inside of them. They carry a lot of different things. They have power folding seats there. Controller’s just on the side there. Now, on the back of the vehicle here you can see we do have all the interest rates written here. Like I said, it’s a great time to buy.

So along with those awesome rebates if you’re financing, we got 0% upto upto 84 months. Or if you want to lease we have great lease rates here. So any option you want to figure out we can show you both ways. So it is a great time to buy. The deals are great, the interest rates are great. There’s not a better time than now. Now, back on the vehicle looking at these safety features. We do have the LED light across the back of the rear stop. Nice and visible on that road when you put on the brakes. Also rear-view camera, of course with reverse sensing. While backing up, of course nowadays, that’s a really nice feature to have. When you’re backing up, making sure so… Like I said, it’s a great time to buy. Great interest rates, great rebates.

Come on and see us here in Ponoka. Come see Trevor, Tyler, or Warren. The phone number is (403)783-5501. Or if you’re in the Rimbey location come see us in Rimbey – phone number (403)843-2622. Come see myself, or Jennifer. Thanks for watching.

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Legacy Ford Ponoka



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