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2016 Ford F-150 | Lariat Trim | Ponoka, AB

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Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka also representing Legacy Ford Rimbey. Now today, I’m on the Ponoka lot to show you this brand new 2016 Ford F-150 Lariat. Stock number is T1805. Now, this F-150, in particular, has the 5-liter V8 engine and as you can see we’ve done a little bit of upgrading to it.

On the side here we put a little bit of a leveling kit in it. Along with gator-back mud flaps. This is a more aggressive tire, quite obviously. A very sharp looking truck. Now, on the interior of the truck, it is a Lariat trim level, and it is a Sport edition. So, that’s where we get the front grille being black colour, along with the black truck it makes them look sharp. Now, these trucks have intelligent access, 2016. Keys are in my pocket; the door is going to open. Now, it being Lariat, we have some various equipment.

Obviously, leather seats, 10-way power driver seat and passenger seat. We have the nice 8″ touch screen equipped with navigation and of course all of the Bluetooth connectivity you could ask for in these units. Also, we do have the twin-panel moonroof. Now, the thing Ford has done on these trucks is they extended the moonroof all the way to the back. It brightens up the truck. Makes it seem a lot more open. Now in the back seat Ford’s famous for their huge cabs. And lots of room in the back seat as you can see. I mean you could almost lay a bed in there and sleep in the back seat if you had to. So lots of room there and very easy to fold the seats up and down.

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Another cool thing about these trucks and I’m just going to grab the keys to show you. On the faub, there is a button. I’ll show you that there. There is a button; you hit that twice it’s going to automatically release the tailgate. So you hit that button twice that tailgate comes down nice and easy. Makes life so much easier getting the not so light tailgate to come up and down. And this one is equipped with the tailgate step which is nicely integrated inside the tailgate now. So you don’t have that plastic piece on top of your tailgate. Easy to pull the handle. And the handle’s also inside. Makes it nice and easy to get up in your vehicle. Obviously, easily stowable as well. And put it away. If we have a look at the back here. Unfortunately, they haven’t come up with technology yet to automatically lift it back up. But who knows, maybe in the future. In the back here, as you can see when we do unlock the truck we get the LED light. That’s really nice. We have our rear view camera here along with our sensing. Another new thing they did in these trucks is they moved that tailgate controller up. In that old 14 style where it was underneath, they moved that up. To help protect the wiring. Also on the back here this little indicator means it is equipped with blind spot monitoring system. So there’s going to be a light come on in your mirror. if someone’s in that blind spot. And this also has the cross traffic alert. So if you’re parking in a parking lot vehicles driving from either side, it’s going to be beep at you and let you know there’s a vehicle coming. So, tons of awesome safety features and driver convenience features in these trucks. And like I said, we do have some upgraded equipment on it. It is done up really nice, very sharp looking truck. So, if you’re a guy or girl who likes to you know, put a lift in your truck put some new tires, all that kind of thing come on down, see us. This one’s already done up really nice. Saves the hassle of pricing all stuff yourself.

So, come on down, see us here in Ponoka. Come see Trevor, Tyler, or Warren. The phone number here is (403)783-5501. Or come see us in Rimbey. Come see myself, or Jennifer phone number there is (403)843-2622. Thanks for watching.

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