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How To | Pair Your Phone with Ford SYNC3 System

Hi there, Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka, also representing Legacy Ford Rimbey. I just want to hop in the vehicle today and show you guys how to pair your phones with the new SYNC3 system that Ford has.

Anytime we sell vehicles here in Ponoka or in Rimbey, of course, we go through with the pairing your device but you know, maybe, you have a paired device since then or maybe you never got shown how at some point, so. I just want to go through that and show you how really quick, so. First things first, you make sure Bluetooth is turned on, on our phone. My phone is an iPhone right now okay, my Bluetooth is turned on as you can see, it’s green okay. Now, what we are going to do on the screen here is press Add Device. Now, if you have a device added or it doesn’t say that there, what you can do is go into Settings, go to your Bluetooth and Add Bluetooth Device, okay. Now, like I said, from the Home Screen up here. You say Add Device and as you can see, on my phone come up a Ford Escape now so just click that there. Make sure my pins are matching, okay. I’ll hit Yes here and hit Pair on my phone and the pairing is successful, okay. It’s a fairly easy process but and as you can see here, we can have 911 Assist, Auto Download our contacts so that means any time we hop in the vehicle, my phone contacts are going to be on there so I can just press the voice command button say call Matt, call George, whoever on my phone, whatever the contact name is and it will call based on contact name so you don’t have to say a number all the time and go through the whole 403-843 or 783, all that stuff, so really nice to have. If you..let’s close that up, also your text messages can get right on through here.

There’s a lot of cool features so, like I said, more to help you  out if you haven’t been shown how to pair device and of course, if you are interested and like I said, the SYNC system is very easy to use. Pop on in, come see us here in Ponoka, come see Trevor, Chris. 403-783-5501 is the number here. If you are in the Rimbey area, pop on in, see myself, Eric or Doug. 403-843-2622 is the number there and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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