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Trevor Feragen Introduction | 2016 Ford Focus SE Walk-Around | Ponoka, AB

Hey, Eric here in Legacy Ford Ponoka. We’re in the showroom here today. I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, Trevor Feragen. Trevor Feragen has been here for 12 plus years, got my home in the corner there. I’ve been here for quite a while, and I enjoy, enjoy every minute of it helping the people of Ponoka and surrounding area out. Absolutely, so, today we want to show you this vehicle we have marked down on the clearance price – a 2016 Ford Focus SE.

What’s the price, original price in this thing? The original price is $25,298, we’ve got it marked down to $19,998 and a $125 bi-weekly, I mean, you could be driving this home today. It’s nicely equipped, it’s got the Bluetooth, the heated seats, the heated steering wheel, power, all stuff you need to get going. Fantastic little car. Another thing this car is great for safety features, tons of them, we got great safety equipment in these cars. Trevor can talk a little bit more about that. This is equipped with mechanical airbags on top here which will drop down, stop your head from hitting the windshield in a side impact. It also has the side impact airbags come out along the side of the seat and it will also stop you also from getting crushed along the door. Also a passenger airbag which is weight sensitive so if someone or something is sitting there, it’s not heavy enough, it will shut the airbag off, although 12 and under should not be sitting in the passenger seat and of course, it is also equipped with the driver airbag for driver safety as well. Any lock, any lock brakes will come on if, if you are in close to collision and of course, traction control which allows the tire to spin, the brakes to grab the tire if it is spinning out of control and grab, get control of the vehicle. Great little car, fantastic as well on fuel efficiency. Okay, like you’re going to get great fuel economy in these little cars. Awesome, like Trevor said, tons of safety features in them. And you know what, these cars last, okay. You’ll see tons of Focuses on the road, they’re great little vehicles. So, if you are interested, come on in to Legacy Ford in Ponoka, come see this man here, come see Trevor. Phone number here is 403-783-5501. Okay, and ask for him. If you are in the Rimbey area, you can pop on in and see myself, Eric or Doug. Phone number there is 403-843-2622.

Now, like what I said, this one is a 2016 brand-new. We have 12 2016 F-150s left, 1 Focus, this one here and 1 Edge, okay. So, if you are looking for a great deal and prices on vehicles, we don’t have that many left on the 2016 ends, so. You got to come in, they’re going to move fast, especially the trucks, they’ve been going like crazy here, so. Come on in, Legacy Ford in Ponoka and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Ponoka



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